There were 21 new cases in Zagreb and 16 in Osijek-Baranja County in the past 24 hours (Photo: Goran Stanzl/PIXSELL) There were 21 new cases in Zagreb and 16 in Osijek-Baranja County in the past 24 hours (Photo: Goran Stanzl/PIXSELL)

Public health authorities reported hospitals were treating 80 Covid-19 patients, two of whom were on ventilators. The latest coronavirus-related death was an elderly person with significant health issues, said Health Minister Vili Beroš.

The two biggest hotspots are still Zagreb and Đakovo. The capital reported 21 new cases since yesterday. Sandra Šikić, the deputy head of the Public Health Teaching Institute said 372 people had been tested since yesterday.

"Currently in Zagreb, we have 242 active cases and 1,243 people under self-isolation orders," Šikić said.

Most of the new cases were linked to nightclubs or are contacts of people who had been infected at nightclubs, she said. Two of the new cases are workers at private elder care facilities, but neither worker had been at work in the past 24 hours, according to Šikić, who added that epidemiologists were testing to prevent the spread of the virus at those facilities.

Zagreb also recorded the first case of a baby being born to a Covid-19-positive mother. The Sveti Duh Hospital learned the patient was positive for the virus 10 days ago and took steps to isolate her from other patients and other precautions. Doctors said the baby had tested negative and both mother and baby were doing well.

Osijek-Baranja County reported 16 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, more than half of them in Đakovo, which is under stricter prevention measures following an outbreak at the local convent and diocese that has spread to the rest of the community.

"Đakovo residents have proven themselves responsible. That's the only way to fight this situation. People need to go out as little as possible, avoid larger gatherings, but it does not mean we can't go to the shops or go to the cafe for a coffee or for a walk. We can, but we don't need to gather in groups or engage in other unnecessary activities," said Đakovo Mayor Marin Mandarić.

Local authorities in Đakovo has postponed all public gatherings for at least two

Croatia's case count is at 2,831 and 108 people have died since the beginning of the pandemic.