Šibenik: More people are wearing masks outdoors (Photo: Dusko Jaramaz/PIXSELL) Šibenik: More people are wearing masks outdoors (Photo: Dusko Jaramaz/PIXSELL)

The national coronavirus task force said on Tuesday more than 5,500 people had been tested since yesterday. Hospitals are treating 299 patients and 22 of them are on ventilators.

Split-Dalmatia County had the largest number of new cases, 53, nearly half of them in Split. The county's chief epidemiologists, Ivo Ivić, is urging the public to practice prevention more diligently.

"We have no better medicine against the virus right now than human behavior. The situation at our clinic is slowly getting better. We are seeing fewer patients," Ivić said.

Cases in the capital are falling. After testing more than 700 people on Monday, only 19 were positive, said the head of the Zagreb city Health Department, Vjekoslav Jeleč. Most of the new cases are contacts of people who were diagnosed earlier. The spike in infections driven by the return of people from their summer vacations on the coast appears to be declining, health authorities said.

There were 23 new cases in the two counties in Slavonia. The rest of Croatia's counties reported fewer than 10 cases each.

The coronavirus has been diagnosed at two high schools in Bjelovar, which has prompted health authorities there to order two classes and 16 teachers to self-isolate. One of the high schools has switched to remote learning because 13 teachers are in self-isolation. The other high school had one case - a student. The student's class and contacts have been ordered into self-isolation.

Istria County had only two new cases on Tuesday and has generally had a very low case count for some time. Because cases are low, local authorities have lifted the masking rule for students while in class. They do still have to wear masks while in shared spaces.

"I don't expect schools to become new hotspots because for that to happen, the virus would have to be circulating in these spaces and it is not. That does not mean, however, that it can't happen. That is why I am urging the public to minimize their mobility around the country," said the head of the Istria County coronavirus response team, Dino Kozlevac.

Brod-Posavina County has obtained a new testing machine that will enable it to perform more tests, more quickly. Also, the national coronavirus task force has extended the restrictions on visitors coming in from third countries until September 30.