2,362 new cases of coronavirus in Croatia in the last 24 hours (Photo: HRT) 2,362 new cases of coronavirus in Croatia in the last 24 hours (Photo: HRT)

After a meeting of the National Civil Protection Headquarters with Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, it was concluded that the situation is stagnant, said the head of the Prime Minister's Office Zvonimir Frka Petešić. Petešić noted that the daily number of newly infected is at the level that was estimated, and the situation with new cases is stagnating.

“It was stated that we have come to a certain stabilization in the number of people infected daily and in the same manner the number of deaths. That is approximately in line with what the Prime Minister announced two and a half or three weeks ago, when he said that there are indications that we will come to a stabilization of these numbers in two weeks. We are now here, and it was also stated that the number is now stagnating,” said Petešić.

“It is now important to reduce those numbers in order to reduce the circulation of the virus in the comings weeks and reduce the pressure on the healthcare system and to naturally reduce the number of deaths,” concluded Petešić.

Alemka Markotić stated that the Clinic for Infectious Diseases is full, receives 10 to 20 new patients a day, and the equipment is old, but thanks to the doctors, everything is working. She noted that the new organization between hospitals will solve critical points and that although with difficulty, the system is functioning.

“An ideal state cannot be achieved, this is a situation in which the healthcare system, not only in Croatia but all of Europe and the world, is under pressure, burdened with a big number of patients with an acute infectious disease that spreads quickly. Nobody in the world can make or expect everything to run as it was when the system was regular and there was no pandemic or epidemic,” said Markotić.

Markotić and Petešić called for personal responsibility ahead November 18th, Remembrance Day for the Victims of Vukovar and Škabrnja.

“We call on all for responsibility. Naturally the state is obligated to pay respects for the victims in Vukovar and because of this, representatives of the government will be there, and the Prime Minister has announced that there will be six members of the government cabinet there and not the entire government cabinet as usual,” noted Petešić.

The most new cases were still in Zagreb today. Out of just under 1,000 tests, 363 people are newly infected. There are currently 3,558 active cases in the city.

Istra County had 79 newly infected. 61 people were either already in self-isolation or are close contacts of people that already tested positive. Able-bodied working people dominate among the infected.

(Source: HRT)