(Photo: HRT) (Photo: HRT)

The health minister said that there had been no significant change in the conditions of patients in hospital, ten of whom are on ventilators. Croatia has tested 3,392 individuals for the novel coronavirus.

“The average age of the patients on ventilators is 61. Most of them have other illnesses or chronic conditions,” Beroš said.

The head of the Public Health Bureau, Krunosalv Capak, said epidemiologists doing contact tracing had identified 2,000 contacts of people who have tested positive. He said 20 thosuand people have been ordered into self-isolation, while 150 were in quarantine, 102 of whom are foreign nationals. He also provided more statistics.

“Of the people who have been tested, 12% were positive. Their average age is 49.24. Fifty-seven percent are men, forty-three percent are women. As far as our medical staff is concerned, we currently have 15 doctors, severn nurses, and one lab technician who have tested positive,” Capak.

Beroš also lashed out a doctors who were allegedly overblowing the scope of the scarcity of personal protective equipment. He said he was angry about the actions of individuals who were underscoring this issue. He said the situation was far from optimal, but much better than how it is being portrayed. 

“I have received information that certain doctors were intentionally taking personal protective gear off the shelves to present the situation as dire. In every war there is a fifth column. I want to send a message to everyone that we are working very hard to get more protective equipment,” he said.

Interior Minister Davor Božinovic said that the restrictive measures Croatia has put in place were delivering certain results, but said the country could not afford to relax or underestimate the threat. Croatia must learn from China’s experience in handling the crisis.

“Measures were loosened in China's Hubei province, but not in Wuhan, where the crisis began. At a time when they have no new local cases, all of China is living under a special regime similar to what we have in Croatia today,” he said.