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The National Civil Protection Headquarters announced today that in the last 24 hours, four new cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in Croatia, and another person has died.

The deceased person died at the Clinical Hospital in Split, and the newly infected are from Brod-Posavina County.

Currently, 2232 people with coronavirus have been confirmed in Croatia. A total of 96 people have died and 1967 people recovered. Ten people are currently on respirators. A total of 55,800 people have been tested so far. There are two fewer hospitalized, which means that 120 people are in the hospital.

At the press conference of the Brod-Posavina County Civil Protection Headquarters, 4 newly infected with coronavirus were reported. Three newly infected are contacts of an infected person, and the fourth is a returnee from abroad. There are currently no new coronavirus infections in 15 counties. The results of 150 tests from the island of Brač are still pending.

Source: HRT