The President of the Constitutional Court, Miroslav Šeparović (Photo: Patrik Macek/PIXSELL) The President of the Constitutional Court, Miroslav Šeparović (Photo: Patrik Macek/PIXSELL)

In his address to the press Miroslav Šeparović referred to the former decision by the Civil Protection Headquarters regarding a ban on work on Sundays:

“The Constitutional Court found that the explanation by the government saying that sales facilities from April 27th 2020 to May 26th, 2020, when the decision on non-working Sundays was in effect, was not convincing. The fact that certain stores at the time strict measures were introduced during March 2020 worked every day, including Sundays, then in circumstances of an improved epidemiological situation in April 2020, and a general relaxation or reduction in measures, a decision that sales facilities will not work on Holidays and Sundays, does not seem necessary. Furthermore, if according to information from fiscal accounts by the APIS company, the day with the most frequency for stores is Friday, and the virus spreads through droplets and where greater numbers of people gather in closed spaces, then it would have been more justified, for epidemiological reasons, to choose Friday as a non-working day in order to prevent bigger gatherings of people in stores,” said Šeparović.

The Constitutional Court President also said that citizens do not have the right to choose whether or not they wear a mask.

“Protection of citizens’ lives and health outweighs individual rights of citizens and they are obliged to respect and act in accordance with measures. The standpoint of individuals regarding the ineffectiveness of wearing face masks, and their decision not to wear them, cannot be characterized as their right to choose, because they potentially endanger other citizens,” said Šeparović.

Source: HRT