Lovas Municipal Head Tanja Cirba (L) (Screenshot: HRT) Lovas Municipal Head Tanja Cirba (L) (Screenshot: HRT)

On October 10th 1991 Serb and JNA forces murdered 22 Croats in Lovas. Over the next eight days, until October 18th of 1991, the occupying forces killed a total of 70 locals. The true nature of the war crime is revealed by the fact that at one point Serb and JNA troops even forced locals to walk into a mine field at gunpoint before firing on them.

"On today's date all manner of bestiality, torture and murder began. Everything that the human mind can't even begin to conceive of happened in villages of Lovas and Opatovac. This was followed by the occupation of Opatovac and a series of crimes such as the one that happened in the mine field," Lovas Municipal Head Tanja Cirba said at Thursday's commemoration.

Source: HRT