General Petar Stipetić (Photo: HRT) General Petar Stipetić (Photo: HRT)

After uncovering the plaque bearing the name of her father, Vesna Stipetić thanked the city for bestowing the honor upon her father and for striving to preserve the memory of General Petar Stipetić and his actions.

“It is a special honor for me to be able to testify about an extremely honorable man with numerous virtues to whom all Croatian citizens are in debt and who Croatia’s first president Franjo Tuđman chose as Croatia’s lightning rod, the most demanding task for a professional officer, when the 21st corps of the enemy aggressor army surrendered during operation Storm,” said General Marijan Mareković. He noted that later on, in high Croatian military commands, Stipetić made fateful decisions, often painful and with uncomfortable experiences.

Source: HRT