(Photo: Davorin Visnjic/PIXSELL) (Photo: Davorin Visnjic/PIXSELL)

Attending the ceremony were Prime Minister Andrej Plenković and Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić, who spoke about rebuilding the capital city following the devastating March 22 earthquake.

The prime minister said that while the earthquake lasted 10 seconds, the reconstruction would take at least 10 years, and probably more.

He said new legislation was needed in order to rebuild the city. "We must have an efficient and high-quality legal framework, we must have a quality program, and most importantly we must have the necessary financial resources. And in order to secure the financial resources, it is first necessary to make a detailed assessment of the damage and to calculate the costs of the reconstruction."

Mayor Bandić said the country "must seize this opportunity and not miss the chance to pass legislation that will be comprehensive, vibrant, solid, and transparent." He added that it must also be done in consultation with experts, "so that we may secure the future of Zagreb for the next 200 years."

Also on the occasion of Zagreb Day, the Remetinec roundabout, a major infrastructure project in Zagreb worth well over 300 million kuna, was officially inaugurated on Sunday. Attending the ceremony at the site of the roundabout, was Infrastructure Minister Oleg Butković.

"This is not the only project where the government and the city of Zagreb have worked together. The Ministry of the Sea, Transport, and Infrastructure secured 85 percent of the funding for this project from EU funds, or 273 million kuna. While the remaining 48 million kuna was secured from the state budget via our ministry," said Butković.

Source: HRT