ACI Marina Rovinj (Photo: ACI) ACI Marina Rovinj (Photo: ACI)

The award, which is given as part of the global Superyacht Business Awards program, recognizes the excellence of service in nautical tourism. As a modern marina with a unique design and the latest technological solutions, ACI Marina Rovinj provides rich content and quality of service, thus positioning itself at the very top of world nautical tourism. Its nautical excellence is also confirmed by the categorization of 5 anchors, which is awarded to marinas of the highest category.

In order to choose the best marina, more than 15,000 captains and crew members evaluate the experience of their stay and the service that marinas provide to their guests and boat owners. In addition to equipment, content, guest programs and services, some of the additional criteria taken into account when voting for “The Best Superyacht Marina Award” under the category BEST MARINA: ADRIATIC are the location of the marina, accessibility, safety, environmental protection and value for money.

ACI Marina Rovinj, with its facilities and quality of service, has achieved that optimal ratio between service and price. The marina offers a unique view of the picturesque old town of Rovinj and is situated in the immediate vicinity of one of the most beautiful Mediterranean parks Zlatni rt.

The marina also features a spacious gym, wellness and swimming pools within the Grand Hotel Park. In addition to numerous specialized services, it also offers the service of emptying black and gray tanks, servicing boats and hosts numerous regattas, including the world-famous ADRIS RC 44 regatta.

ACI Marina Rovinj has an ISO 9001 certificate and has also been awarded the blue flag for responsible business practices and the protection of the sea and the environment.

Croatia already has 40 percent of the world's charter fleet in its marina’s, and ACI continues to promote Croatia as a nautical destination with additional benefits.

Source: HRT