819 new coronavirus cases in Croatia (Photo: Zeljko Lukunic/PIXSELL) 819 new coronavirus cases in Croatia (Photo: Zeljko Lukunic/PIXSELL)

After 15 infected employees and nine patients from the Clinic for Tumors at the Sisters of Mercy Hospital, where operations will not be performed tomorrow, unfortunately, among the newly infected there are seven pregnant women and mothers from the Clinic for Women's Diseases and Obstetrics. The head of the Clinic Krunoslav Kuna confirmed that the clinic has been closed until disinfection is carried out, and patients have been temporarily assigned to other wards.

“These are two pregnant women who have symptoms and an additional five women whose swipes tested positive. So because of this we temporarily halted admission of pregnant women, those women have been taken in by the remaining three clinics in Zagreb. We believe that within two to three days we will begin to work again,” said Kuna.

Doctors and nurse have also been infected, and seven more doctors and ten nurses are in self-isolation.

“We have three positive doctors and three positive nurses for now. The team that worked last night all tested negative,” said Kuna.  

The head nurse of the Obstetrics Department at the Sisters of Mercy Hospital Blaženka Sumpor appealed to pregnant women to adhere to epidemiological measures, especially during their time in the maternity ward, to wear protective masks. She noted that they don't take a swipe from every patient upon arrival.

Of the 286 infected in Zagreb, most are contacts of previously infected people, said the director of the Institute of Public Health Zvonimir Šostar.

“What is very good is that homes for the elderly and disabled in the city of Zagreb are doing very well so that we don't have anyone that tested positive. But over the past day a positive test was confirmed for four students and five teachers at elementary schools, and nine students and two teachers in secondary schools,” said Šostar.

Last night, in front of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, where young people have begun to gather, police and about 20 inspectors arrived wearing masks and registered those present. Within an hour the plateau in front of the theater was emptied.

The coronavirus entered the Parish of St. Vitus in Varaždin. Almost all friars and postulants are positive, but no one has severe symptoms. The monastery is closed and everyone has been quarantined.

In a few days, the Zagreb Arena should be fully equipped, as it was during the first wave of the coronavirus, while the Mladost sports facility is being prepared for the sick in Rijeka.

New measures have been announced for the elderly, who are the most endangered, and they should be published soon.

Source: HRT