67 new coronavirus cases in last 24 hours (Photo collage: HRT) 67 new coronavirus cases in last 24 hours (Photo collage: HRT)

In Osijek-Baranja County, one person died and there were nine new cases of infection.

“An 82 year old patient is in question who was suffering from a number of severe chronic illnesses and she passed away yesterday during the day. Currently we have 29 patients infected with Covid-19, of them four have a more severe clinical picture, and of those four, two have a very severe clinical picture and are on respirators,” said the Acting Assistant Director for Quality at the Clinical Hospital Centre in Osijek, Krunoslav Šego.

The highest number of newly infected is in Split-Dalmatia County where there are 16 of them.

“There are 14 new cases of infection in Zagreb,” said the director of the "Andrija Štampar" Institute of Public Health, Zvonimir Šostar.

“Of these 13 that tested positive, nine are contacts of previously identified persons, people that were in self-isolation. For four there is an unclear epidemiological anamnesis and one was imported from Germany. So that at this time we can't say that it's something from these weddings in Slavonia,” said Šostar.  

There are seven new patients in Vukovarsko-Srijem County. Zagreb County has three, as well as Brod-Posavina County, where five big weddings have been announced for the weekend.

Two new cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Istra.

Varaždin, Šibenik-Knin and Primorje-Gorski Kotar counties have one new case each.

Source: HRT