Coronavirus vaccination (Photo: Sasa Miljevic/PIXSELL) Coronavirus vaccination (Photo: Sasa Miljevic/PIXSELL)

However, the entire first shipment of Moderna's vaccine that arrives next week, will go to the earthquake-affected area, where an increase in the number of new infections is expected, because it was impossible to adhere to epidemiological measures after the catastrophic earthquake. Since this is still difficult due to the large flow of people, Sisak-Moslavina County has been given priority in the testing process.

Just over 3,000 people were vaccinated there by Friday night. Besides priority groups in the area, people in collective accommodation, firefighters, volunteers and everyone who is working and providing assistance in the area have the right to be vaccinated.

Although there were only three newly infected people in that county today, in the past few days the number was much higher and it is difficult to expect that today's trend will continue. Five teams of the Croatian Institute of Public Health in the area are working to combat the epidemic, conducting rapid testing and vaccination.

Although the number of newly infected people in the country is still declining, it is not yet time to relax, warned viral immunologist Luka Čičin Šain, because the number of seriously ill people is still quite high, and the mortality of patients on respirators is also high.

“Measures that are in effect are not succeeding in supressing the virus in many countries, and in this I am firstly referring to Germany where I live,” said Čičin Šain.

Speaking rather descriptively, Čičin Šain said that preventive measures must still be emphasized in order to put out the viral fire.

“If we act in this manner, then that progressive growth we had earlier, that exponential growth, can be exchanged with an exponential drop. So that from 1,000 infected, in a few weeks we could be at 500, and then at 250, then at 125 and even lower,” said Čičin Šain.

A new shipment of 17 and a half thousand doses of vaccine from the Pfizer and BioNTech manufacturers will arrive tomorrow, and Moderna's vaccine should arrive on Tuesday with 4,000 doses.

Source: HRT