4.2 magnitude earthquake hits Gračac area (Photo: HRT) 4.2 magnitude earthquake hits Gračac area (Photo: HRT)

Impressions differed from a strong to a slight tremor or rumble.

“The earthquake took place 30 kilometres northwest of Knin, between Knin and Gračac, a little closer to Gračac at a depth of 2 kilometres. The magnitude was 4.2. That is an earthquake that was surely felt well. The earthquake could have caused damages,” said the head of the Croatian Seismological Service, Ines Ivančić.

Can this earthquake be connected to earthquakes recently felt in Zagreb?

“What we seismologists say is that seismic activity is increased, from the Albanian earthquake, and our Zagreb earthquake on March 22nd. We can say that there is increased seismic activity, but we can't say that they are connected,” said Ivančić.

County 112 emergency centres received many reports from citizens, but so far there are no reports of damage or injuries.

Source: HRT