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Epidemiologist Vedrana Lanc Čurdinjaković said that unrevealed contacts are a problem.

“Unfortunately we have a small number of people that contacted us and we have received a small number of contacts. It is possible that this is the cause of the spread that is difficult to halt now. We have had a series of pressures from people who have asked not to be listed as contacts so that they don't have to go into self-isolation when they plan to go on vacation,” said Čurdinjaković.

Of the remaining Slavonian counties, Brod-Posavina county had three new cases, Osijek-Baranja county had one, while Virovitice-Podravina and Požega-Slavonia counties had no new cases in the last 24 hours.

Unfortunately four more people have died as a result of coronavirus infection. Two of them were patients at the Clinical Hospital in Split, two men aged 78 and 51. The County Civil Protection Headquarters reported that both men had other chronic illnesses and also tested positive for the coronavirus. They were both on respirators.

Split Dalmatia County has 11 new cases of infection, 532 people are in self-isolation and 19 patients are in the hospital.

Meanwhile in Zagreb, which had the highest number of new cases yesterday, today the situation in the capital is better with eight new cases of infection. Good news is that there are no new cases in a private home for the elderly.

In Istra County after a week, not a single case of coronavirus infection was recorded, while in the meantime 14 people have recovered.

The counties of Karlovac, Bjelovar-Bilogora, Šibenik-Knin, Varaždin, Koprivnica-Križevci, Krapina-Zagorje and Primorje - Gorski Kotar all had no new cases of coronavirus infection today.

Source: HRT