There were 280 new cases of coronavirus in Croatia today (Photo: Milan Sabic/PIXSELL) There were 280 new cases of coronavirus in Croatia today (Photo: Milan Sabic/PIXSELL)

In Split-Dalmatia County there were 71 new cases today.

“In the last two or three days we had a certain drop and fewer newly infected, now midway through the week that number has slightly increased. A significantly high number of tests are being done in Split-Dalmatia County. We see that a significant number of people are newly infected from contacts with previously known patients. In all of this that is a little better news,” said the Head of the County Headquarters Luka Brčić.

There are 27 new cases in Zagreb

“Two positive students were registered in two elementary schools, a consequence of this is that 44 students were sent into self-isolation along with one teacher. An epidemiological investigation is underway in a secondary school where we saw a grouping of symptoms, testing will take place today,” said the Deputy Director of the Teaching Institute Sandra Šikić.

After the high school in Bjelovar and the medical secondary school, the virus also appeared in the elementary school in Rovišće in Bjelovar-Bilogora County, where one student was infected and the whole class, together with four teachers, are in self-isolation.

An increase in the number of infected people was recorded throughout the country , 23 in Osijek-Baranja County, where one primary and secondary school student are infected, in Karlovac County 19, Požega-Slavonia County 16, Brod-Posavina County 14, and Primorje-Gorski Kotar and Zadar Counties with 11 each.

There are no new patients in Istra, and in Koprivnica-Križevci County students do not have to wear masks in classrooms as of today.

The coronavirus was also discussed in Parliament, and Minister of Health, Vili Beroš, spoke about established centers that can accommodate a large number of patients.

“Luckily we didn't use these capacities, however I can say that more than 1200 patients were treated in primary intensive respiratory centres, more than 150 on respirators, and I think that at this moment those centres justified their purpose, but in the same manner we must know that the future and fall is uncertain, so we are holding those capabilities at the ready the entire time,” said Beroš

School gyms could soon be opened for athletes, and talks are being held between the responsible ministries and epidemiologists, said State Secretary for Sports Tomislav Družak.

“We will go with steps in phases, first we will go with opening or enabling sports activities for clubs that cannot exist without those school gyms. These are firstly volleyball, handball and basketball as well as some exclusively indoor sports,” said Družak.

First, these would be athletes who are not in the education system, being seniors and older juniors. Currently, about 10,000 indoor sports athletes cannot play sports.

Source: HRT