(Photo collage: HRT) (Photo collage: HRT)

Most of today's new cases were in Vukovar-Srijem County - 24, of which 18 were people in Vinkovci, where the virus entered a home for the elderly and disabled.

Ivan Kubiček, the Secretary of the Civil Protection Headquarters there, said that the coronavirus has entered a home for the elderly and disabled in Vukovar-Srijem County, and added that epidemiological processing is underway.

“We can assume that the virus entered either during a visit or through a person that is employed at the home. Epidemiological processing should provide an answer that we are expecting from our epidemiological service. There is no need for panic, we are doing everything in our power and in the power of epidemiologists, to place this new situation we have under control, or for it not to get out of control,” said Kubiček.

Tomorrow, the county headquarters will release official information about this case.

After a full 47 days, Osijek-Baranja County had no new cases of coronavirus infection, while there were 6 new cases in Zagreb, confirmed the Deputy Director of the Teaching Institute for Public Health, Sandra Šikić.

“Of these six new cases, two are contacts of previously infected people, one was imported by a Czech citizen, and for now there is a negative epidemiological anamnesis for three people, epidemiological processing is still underway,” said Šikić.

In Istria County there was one new case. The patient is an Italian citizen and the process of returning him to his home country is underway.

There was also one new case of coronavirus infection in Varaždin County. A middle-aged man fell ill, who is a close family contact of a previously infected person, and who, at the time the symptoms appeared, was in self-isolation. Due to a severe clinical picture, he was hospitalized in the Varaždin General Hospital.

There is also one newly ill person in Zadar County, a younger man from Zadar whose contacts and movements are being established.

Unfortunately, one person died in Brod-Posavina County.

A total of 110 people are in hospital, seven of them on respirators.

Source: HRT