261 new cases of coronavirus in Croatia (Photo montage: HRT) 261 new cases of coronavirus in Croatia (Photo montage: HRT)

Split-Dalmatia County has the highest number of deaths from Covid-19. Four elderly men died in the Split Clinical Hospital, and there are 48 new cases of infection in the county.

“On today's day we have a little more than six percent of newly infected people in regards to the number tested and we hope that numbers will continue in that direction. Today there were a big number of deaths, an unusual number, however these were elderly people with other chronic illnesses so that it could be expected that there would be a bad result,” said the Director of the County Institute of Public Health Željka Karin.

A woman died in Osijek-Baranja County, while two older men died in Zagreb, which had the highest number of newly infected - 49. The Director of the Dr. Andrija Štampar Teaching Institute Zvonimir Šostar, said that every day there are new patients who come from other countries.

“Today it is three people from Bosnia and Herzegovina and one person infected from France. We also have three positive asylum seekers, so that's a total of four. 24 people are contacts of previously infected people and 13 have an unclear epidemiological anamnesis. In schools yesterday we had no newly infected teachers or students, we have three classes from three elementary schools in isolation and one class from a secondary school,” said Šostar.

There are three classes and ten teachers in self-isolation at the secondary school in Požega while classes in primary schools have been postponed. In that county, there are 14 new cases of coronavirus, said epidemiologist Ante Vitalia.

“These are sources from a men's gathering at a stag party, these are sources from two weddings, there is also one graduation party and people that were singing in a choir,” said Vitalia.

Minister of Science and Education Radovan Fuchs said that face-to-face teaching is best for everyone in the education system, but that the Ministry is monitoring the situation in schools on a daily basis and makes decisions and recommendations accordingly.

Source: HRT