1,096 new coronavirus cases in Croatia (Archive photo: Armin Drugut/PIXSELL) 1,096 new coronavirus cases in Croatia (Archive photo: Armin Drugut/PIXSELL)

There are currently 4,844 active cases, out of a total of 24,761 cases so far. Most of the newly infected are still in Zagreb - 387, the most so far, and in the Split-Dalmatia County where there were 104 new cases.

In Zagreb, where it is most severe, the coronavirus has entered two wards of the Clinic for Tumors of the Sisters of Mercy hospital. Nurses, doctors and a number of patients have tested positive. "Everyone is fine, those who had surgery have normal post-operative behavior," said the head of the Tumor Clinic, Ivan Milas.

“None of our patients are doing badly or in life danger, they have symptoms of Covid-19 infection, increased temperatures, some patients are coughing a little, but nothing alarming,” said Milas.

A total of nine patients were infected.

“We also have people who were operated on in intensive care, four patients that tested positive for Covid-19, at the abdominal surgical ward two patients, and three patients at the head and neck surgery ward.,” said Milas.

The virus is entering more and more hospitals and homes for the elderly.

“We will put an end to the exponential growth of the infection by adhering to measures. The virus is seriously threatening from all sides, adhering to measures that have been adopted is necessary to prevent the exponential growth of newly infected, and in turn the overburdening of the health care system,” said Minister of Health, Vili Beroš.

Beroš noted that there are several scenarios of how the hospital system will be organized, from next week some hospitals will switch to the minimum needed to keep working.

“In those hospitals where the virus has entered and the situation is more epidemiologically complex, we will reduce things to the minimum. Namely, it is completely clear, and we learned this last spring, that life cannot and must not stop, people suffer not only from the Covid-19 disease but many other illnesses, which include those that may be acute, such as a stroke or heart attack. These people must have the ability to be treated adequately, and it is up to us, through our behavior, to enable them to receive adequate health care,” said Beroš.

While new measures have been in force in Zagreb since midnight, such as mandatory masks at all gatherings, other places will enforce new measures depending on the number of people infected.

Source: HRT