Director Dalibor Matanić on the set of The Paper (Photo: Nel Pavletic/PIXSELL) Director Dalibor Matanić on the set of The Paper (Photo: Nel Pavletic/PIXSELL)

The well-received drama produced by “Drugi plan” will be available to Netflix subscribers in around 130 countries, covering a potential audience of nearly half a billion viewers.

Ever since the rise of prestige TV with shows like The Sopranos and Breaking Bad, TV series have been generating as much, if not more, excitement than movies. With the arrival of streaming services like Netflix, which allows viewers to binge on shows, the series format has become even more popular. Netflix, which offers British crime series, Scandinavian thrillers, South American drug cartel sagas, and Asian dramas will now add the first Croatian series to make the cut.

Croatia has been faring well recently with major co-productions, which have brought in profits and promoted the industry. The government is drafting a new legislation regulating the audio-visual sector. State Secretary at the Ministry of Culture, Krešimir Partl, said in an interview aired on HRT on Tuesday that incentives offered by the state had brought major production companies to Croatia, which helps to promote not only the country itself but major investments as well.

The Paper's producer Nebojša Taraba said the acquisition of the series by Netflix was a significant honour, a ticket into an exclusive club. Dalibor Matanić, who directed the series, is currently working on its second season. He says this is a major milestone for Croatia. When making the series, he says, the idea was never to copy something that had already been done successfully. He says they wanted to make something unique and authentic to Rijeka, the city where the series is set, and Croatia.