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  • DomesticMay 24, 2018

    Opposition: LNG terminal is a Hungarian strategic priority

    A heated debate was held in parliament today regarding the proposed law on the floating LNG terminal on the island of Krk. The opposition says that it does not see the justification for the project and warns of favoring certain interests.

  • PoliticsMay 24, 2018

    Grbin and Hajdaš Dončić report Plenković for conflict of interest

    Two Social Democratic Party members of parliament – Peđa Grbin and Siniša Hajdaš Dončić have filed a report against Prime Minister Andrej Plenković with the Conflict of Interest committee. They claim that from the “Hotmail” affair and published transcripts it is clearly evident that the prime minister supported a small interest group, the so called Borg group.

  • DomesticMay 24, 2018

    Sessions for strong cooperation between US and Croatian ministries and police

    The US Attorney General was received by the Croatian Interior Minister on Thursday. The two discussed topics of mutual interest with special emphasis on bilateral and regional security cooperation and continuing training for police officers, prosecutors and representatives of financial and other institutions within the Partnership for Education program.

  • EconomyMay 24, 2018

    Marić: Tax revenues up by 5% last year, expenditures less than expected

    Speaking at a government session on last year’s budget, the Croatian Finance Minister said that last year's budget revenues were up by 5% from the previous year. The minister said that this was as a result of positive economic trends and tax reforms.

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