19:20 / 25.01.2022.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

President Zoran Milanović comments on tensions between Russia and Ukraine

President Zoran Milanović

President Zoran Milanović

Foto: Goran Stanzl / Pixsell

Milanović, the Supreme Commander of the Croatian Armed Forces, said that Croatia would in no way be involved in the crisis if it escalated and that there would be no Croatian soldiers in that scenario.

"We have nothing to do with this and will have nothing to do with this, I guarantee it. Not only will we not send any troops, but if there is an escalation, the Croatian military will be withdrawn to the last soldier," said the president.

However, the United States says it has a commitment to provide forces to the NATO Response Force in the event that NATO should activate that construct. The Response Force is a multinational force that the alliance can deploy on short notice wherever needed.

"United States would be in a position to rapidly deploy additional brigade combat teams, logistics, medical, aviation, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, transportation, and additional capabilities into Europe," said Pentagon Spokesman John F. Kirby.

On the other hand, Moscow continues to dismiss claims that it is preparing an attack on its southwestern neighbor.

The Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs on Tuesday released a statement advising against travelling to areas in Ukraine that border Russia and to postpone travel to the rest of the country.

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