18:06 / 06.06.2018.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Zdravko Mamić could serve his sentence in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Minister of Security Dragan Mektić. (Photo: HRT)

Bosnia and Herzegovina Minister of Security Dragan Mektić. (Photo: HRT)

Foto: - / HRT

Zdravko Mamić cannot avoid a prison term and if he is sentenced to one in a final ruling in Croatia, he will serve it in Bosnia and Herzegovina, if Zagreb asks for this on the basis of their bilateral agreement, said the Bosnia and Herzegovina Minister of Security Dragan Mektić in Sarajevo on Wednesday.

Zdravko Mamić, his brother Zoran, former Dinamo director Damir Vrbanović and tax official Milan Pernar were found guilty under an indictment by the Office for Prevention of Corruption and Organized Crime in a first instance ruling by the Osijek County Court of siphoning 116 million kuna from the club and incurring damages to the state budget of 12.2 million kuna. The court handed them prison sentences, in which Zdravko Mamić received a sentence of 6.5 years.

Commenting the Mamić case for reporters and the fact that Mamić went to Bosnia and Herzegovina before the ruling was read at the court in Osijek, Mektić said that the law is clear and foresees that Mamić cannot be extradited to Croatia if he has Bosnia and Herzegovina citizenship. “This is also the case for people from Bosnia and Herzegovina that have citizenship of other countries who have fled in an attempt to avoid serving prison sentences,” reminded Dragan Mektić.

He said that this is not however an obstacle to Mamić ending up behind bars if he is sentenced to a prison term in a final ruling.

Mektić reminded that Croatia has at its disposal the possibility to ask Bosnia and Herzegovina to accept and implement its court ruling as already happened in the past in, for example, the case of Branimir Glavaš.

In such situations the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has jurisdiction and will formally consider the verdict adopted in another country and issue an order for its implementation.

In principle the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has confirmed such rulings without alteration although in theory is has the ability to lower penalties.

Source: HRT

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