21:29 / 23.04.2022.

Author: Katja Miličić

Strong quake in Bosnia and Herzegovina felt in many parts of Croatia

Quake strikes southern Bosnia and Herzegovina

Quake strikes southern Bosnia and Herzegovina

Foto: Denis Kapetanovic / PIXSELL

A magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck Bosnia and Herzegovina around 11pm on Friday.

A 28-year old woman died when a boulder struck a building in Stolac. Significant damage was reported to buildings in Stolac and Ljubinje, the quake's epicenter. Many local residents spent the night in their cars.

The earthquake was felt in many parts of Croatia, especially in Dalmatia. It was followed by a series of smaller aftershocks.

One local resident in Stolac likened the event to a horror film.

“Everything just started falling off the shelves,” she told HRT’s camera crew.

A man in his 30s said he’d never felt an earthquake this strong in his hometown.

"I don't remember this kind of earthquake happening before. It was terrible!" he said.

Several people suffered minor injuries, doctors said.

“We treated some pulled ligaments, sprained joints and such, that happened as people were running outside. Nothing too serious,” said Dr. Kazimir Raguž, the head of the health care center in Stolac.

Croatia's seismological service said that because of the magnitude of this first quake, aftershocks, potentially quite strong ones, are likely to follow. Experts also underscore that the earthquake in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina is unlikely to trigger earthquakes in Croatia.

"It has to do with surface, that is, the ground below. In Banovina, the terrain was quite loose. There were layers of alluvial soil that amplified the effects of the earthquake on the surface. We also had liquefaction, when the ground turns into a fluid mass and serious damage occurs as buildings sink into it. In this case, the surface was rock. Rock is the best material on which to build because it is least affected by earthquakes,” seismologist Tomislav Fikret told HRT.

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