19:24 / 25.09.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Still no changes to BiH's election law ahead of general election

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Foto: Armin Durgut / PIXSELL

The general elections will be held in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina in seven days. Roughly 3.3 million voters will go to the polls to elect their political representatives at the state, entity and county levels.

The elections are being held in the midst of a major political crisis due to the election law, which allows Bosnian Muslims to elect who will represent Bosnian Croats in political institutions. As a result, many are predicting that the crisis will spill over into the post-election period. The Croatian National Assembly candidate for the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Borjana Krišto: "Given that Bosnia and Herzegovina was established as a state of three constituent peoples - Croats, Bosniaks and Serbs - only a solution based on the principle of the constitutional equality of all three peoples can guarantee its security and survival, but also a European future!"

Meanwhile, analysts say that the pre-election campaign is void of concrete solutions to the problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Political analyst and the Editor-in-chief of the Interview.ba website, Senka Kurt: "I don't see any concrete measures being presented, just lies about robots, drones, hundreds of thousands of new jobs, and about how as soon as they come to power we will join the European Union and so on..."

And while many expect High Representative Christian Schmidt to amend the election law, it remains to be seen whether Bosnia and Herzegovina will finally get a government that reflects the democratic will of all three constituent peoples, or whether the practice of imposing political representatives on Croats will continue. Political analyst and journalist for Večernji List in Mostar, Zoran Krešić: "In this election campaign, Željko Komšić is leading the way with his hatred for Croats and Croatia, in a bid to attract as many Bosniak votes as possible!"

Kurt feels that the splitting of the Bosnian Muslim vote could work in Krišto's favour: "I think that the Bosniaks will focus on either Izetbegović or Bećirović and in that light Borjana Krišto will have an easier task."

Appearing on Croatian Television's "Sunday at 2" talk show today, the president of the Croatian Republican Party from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slaven Raguž, said that while the basic rights of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina are being violated, the country needs constitutional and not just electoral changes: "78 percent of the budget goes to service the public administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the European average is 17 percent. Such a massive discrepancy means that this is a hotbed of corruption. So, whoever does not want to discuss how to resolve the constitutional, administrative territorial concept of Bosnia and Herzegovina wants Bosnia and Herzegovina to remain as it is. But this is unsustainable in the short term, let alone the medium and long term."

Source: HRT

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