13:04 / 19.09.2023.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Slovenia not considering introduction of border controls with Croatia

Border control

Border control

Foto: Boris Scitar / Pixsell

“The Slovenian government is not considering the introduction of border controls with Croatia despite the large increase in illegal entry of migrants,” said Slovenian State Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Marko Štucin.

“At the moment, the government is not thinking about introducing controls on the border with Croatia, even though the Schengen regulations make it possible,” Marko Štucin told Slovenian journalists after arriving at a meeting of the Council for General Affairs in Brussels.

He pointed out that Croatia should do everything it can to limit the number of illegal entries, as well as the countries of the Western Balkans through which migrants come.

The Slovenian police announced that since the beginning of this year, when Croatia entered the Schengen area, the number of illegal border crossings has increased significantly.

From the beginning of the year to the end of August, police recorded 36,137 illegal entries, while in the same period last year there were 13,601.

Source: HRT

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