17:40 / 26.07.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

MOD: Croatian Air Force helicopter fighting fire in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A Croatian Canadair sent to Bosnia and Herzegovina

A Croatian Canadair sent to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Foto: Source / MOD

A Mi-8 MTV helicopter of the Croatian Air Force was dispatched this morning to a fire in the Blidinje Nature Park in Bosnia and Herzegovina, reported the Ministry of Defense (MOD).

Minister of Defense Mario Banožić emphasized in a press release that the Croatian Military will continue to help neighboring countries in the fight against fires whenever possible, and thanked all the pilots and firefighters.

“In the last few weeks at fire sites in the Republic of Croatia, as well as in neighboring Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the primordial courage and sacrifice of our pilots and firefighters is visible. All this is proof that man is at the center of the system. This is precisely why we continue to invest in improving their living and working conditions, which this Government has been doing since the beginning of its mandate,” said Minister of Defense Banožić.

A Canadair CL-415 from the Specially Organized Firefighting Forces of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia was sent to Bosnia and Herzegovina on July 19, 22 and 23, 2022 to provide assistance in extinguishing the fire on Čvrsnica Mountain in the Blidinje Nature Park.

Source: HRT

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