17:54 / 03.03.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

In Croatia, almost 800 refugees from Ukraine; they come worried and scared

Fleeing war in Ukraine

Fleeing war in Ukraine

Foto: Daniel Derajinsk / ABACAPRESS.COM/PIXSELL

One million people have left Ukraine since the start of the Russian attack, the UN reported. Fleeing the hell of war, almost 800 refugees have found refuge in Croatia so far, but everything is being prepared for the reception of a much larger number of people.

Speaking for Croatian Radio, the director of the Civil Protection Directorate, Damir Trut, said that the Russian attacks prompted the population to migrate, to leave the war zones, to Western Europe for the most part.

He said that Europe had to prepare a common policy for reception and care of refugees, and Croatia participates in all meetings and activities related to their reception and care.

“Everything is agreed at the highest European level. Activities are also being taken in humanitarian aid to Ukraine and the countries bordering Ukraine, which have received the largest number of refugees - Poland, where there are about 600,000 refugees, Hungary with about 100,000, Slovakia, Romania and Moldova,” he said.

He added that all refugees were accommodated in Croatia and sent to their final destinations.

“There are 49 of them in the Motel Plitvice reception center and four in the reception center in Varaždin. Today, they will be sent to the final locations where they will be taken care of,” he said.

When asked how many people Croatia can receive, he said that Croatia has prepared plans and is developing everything that is needed.

“The interdepartmental working group works every day so that we can prepare everything necessary,” he added.

Katarina Zorić, a spokeswoman for the Croatian Red Cross, said that psychosocial teams were extremely important during reception.

“They come worried and scared, everything reminds of the Homeland War,” she said.

Source: HRT

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