15:52 / 29.11.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

HDZ BiH and the so-called “Bloc of 8” sign a cooperation deal in Sarajevo

Dragan Čović and Nermin Nikšić

Dragan Čović and Nermin Nikšić

Foto: Armin Durgut / PIXSELL

General elections were held in Bosnia and Herzegovina on October 2nd, 2022. They determined the makeup of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Presidency as well as national, entity, and cantonal governments.

In neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina the heads of the HDZ BiH and SDP, Dragan Čović and Nermin Nikšić, signed a document in Sarajevo today in which the largest Croatian party and a bloc of opposition civil and Bosnian Muslim parties have committed to a cooperation program and the establishment of a coalition that should be in power for the next four years. Nikšić signed the document on behalf of the eight parties that previously came together in order to circumvent bypass Bakir Izetbegović's Bosnian Muslim party, the SDA, in the forming of new government. For now, it is not yet known whether Milorad Dodik's Alliance of Independent Social Democrats will be their partner at the state level.

Along with Euro-Atlantic integration, the three key priorities outlined in their partnership agreement are election reforms, to ensure Croats equal and fair representation, the rule of law and economic and social reforms. HDZ Party President Dragan Čović: “I am convinced that if we do our part of the job - and our goal is to have the executive branch, the judicial branch of government established by the end of the year, both on the national and the federation level - that in the same time span we can expect to receive candidate status for Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

The European Union's Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement, Olivér Várhelyi, is currently visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he noted that the country is on an accelerated track to receive membership candidate status, but that Sarajevo had to provide tangible results to ensure that it officially become an EU candidate by mid-December.

Source: HRT

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