17:46 / 05.01.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Grlić Radman calls on Bosnian politicians to reach an agreement on election law reform

Ministers Grlić Radman and Turković

Ministers Grlić Radman and Turković

Foto: Screenshot / HRT

The Constitutional Court in Bosnia and Herzegovina has already ruled that the existing election law is un-constitutional and must be reformed. However, Bosnian Muslim politicians have ignored the ruling, as well as calls from EU and US politicians to reform the election law.

As part of his two-day visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian Foreign and European Affairs Minister Gordan Grlić Radman met with his Bosnian counterpart, Bisera Turković, in Sarajevo on Wednesday. The focus of discussion was on that country's road to Euro-Atlantic integration and the reform of its election law, which currently discriminates against the Croat population there.

Minister Grlić Radman once again stressed Croatia’s support of Bosnia and Herzegovina on its path to membership of the European Union. For her part Minister Turković said that Euro-Atlantic integration needs to be reinstated as a focus of Sarajevo’s policies, especially in the face of recent attempts by the leader of the Serb entity, Milorad Dodik: "We agree that the issue of meeting the 14 priorities for progress towards EU membership has to be reinstated as a focal point, and that we have to ensure the complete functionality of the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The destabilization of Bosnia and Herzegovina cannot pass without destabilizing the entire region. And all of us have a shared interest in ensuring that the region is peaceful, prosperous and that we are heading in the right direction."

Minister Grlić Radman once again called on Bosnian politicians to finally come to an agreement on election law reform: "I honestly hope that the political circumstances in Bosnia and Herzegovina will improve. Obviously, this would be greatly assisted by an agreement on the election law. I expect the upcoming visits from international officials to contribute to this goal, and that this opportunity will not be missed. We encourage all leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina to show the political courage and decisiveness to support this process that will result in strengthened trust among citizens."

The current election law allows Bosnian Muslims to gerrymander electoral units such that they can outvote Croats, and elect who will represent the Croat population in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s political institutions.

Source: HRT

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