12:46 / 09.05.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Granić: Ukraine was among the first to support Croatian independence, which must never be forgotten

Mate Granić appearing on Studio 4

Mate Granić appearing on Studio 4

Foto: HTV / HRT

Mate Granić, the Government's special advisor for foreign policy, appeared as a guest on Croatian Radio Television’s Studio 4 show.

At the beginning, he commented on Prime Minister Andrej Plenković's sudden visit to Kiev.

“This is a strong state act, a strong state visit, an expression of support, friendship and solidarity with Ukraine, the Ukrainian people and their leadership, which is resolutely defending itself from brutal Russian aggression that is unprovoked. The visit was, of course, planned for one symbolic day, Europe Day, Victory Day over fascism and Nazism, he said.

He added that Croatia cooperates with all NATO members and within the EU.

He pointed out that the foundations of international order are endangered with the Russian aggression.

“The biggest responsibility lies with President Putin. A year and a half ago, he said the biggest tragedy was the collapse of the Soviet Union. Had he had the opportunity to reach an agreement with Germany and France, it would have been supported by the US to, on the basis of the Minsk 2 agreement, give Donbass strong autonomy. He had the opportunity to discuss the postponement of Ukraine's membership in NATO,” added Mate Granić, emphasizing that he had a wrong assessment that the Ukrainian leadership will fall within a few days.

He did not achieve his goal.

Croatia sided in time, being among the first countries to support them.

“When Croatia declared independence in 1991, it had the support of the Holy See, Alois Mock and several other friends. Ukraine was among them. That must never be forgotten,” Granić recalled.

He also referred to the possibility of changing the election law in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I haven't lost faith. Everything should be done, first it is necessary to have a strong national consensus,” he said, adding that only negotiations can achieve the goals. Implementing a state policy towards Bosnia and Herzegovina is the best solution.

Speaking about the captured Croatian citizen who fought for the Ukrainians as a volunteer, he said that the Prime Minister had clearly said that he did not recommend going to volunteer units, but that now everything possible should be done on several sides to get him out, because he is nevertheless a Croatian citizen.

Granić also commented on Vladimir Putin's speech on Victory Day.

“Regardless of what he will say, the undeniable fact remains that Russia carried out a brutal aggression against another sovereign state,” said Granić.

Source: HRT

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