19:07 / 29.01.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Election reform talks continue in Bosnia and Herzegovina

EEAS director Angelina Eichhorst and Special US envoy Matthew Palmer

EEAS director Angelina Eichhorst and Special US envoy Matthew Palmer

Foto: Denis Kapetanovic / PIXSELL

The existing election law in Bosnia and Herzegovina discriminates against Bosnian Croats, as it allows Bosnian Muslims to outvote the Croat population and elect their representatives in government. The Supreme Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has already ruled that the election law is unconstitutional and has called for it to be changed.

In neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina negotiations on election reforms continued in Neum on Friday. The existing election law there discriminates against Bosnian Croats, who are calling for election law reforms that would ensure the legitimate representation of all three constituent peoples, Croats, Muslims and Serbs, in all levels of government. American and European diplomats are on hand mediating the negotiations.

Speaking to reporters after this latest round of negotiations, the special US envoy for election reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Matthew Palmer, explained that he was not there to present the three sides with a completed document: "It's not that we have a specific proposal, or a specific plan that we've put forward. We've been talking with the parties for the last four, five, six months about these issues and trying to work with them to help articulate in a concrete way the ideas and concerns that they have and that need to be addressed, and to talk through some of the ideas about how we can address and resolve the particular concerns that stem from the ruling from the European courts."

"We are focusing on today, we hope that there will be more progress, that's obvious. We'll take this day by day for now, because this is the first time the parties have sit down together in this way, and they really need time to discuss all the issues at hand. So, what we are working on is step by step," the director of the European External Action Service (EEAS), Angelina Eichhorst, told reporters.

Source: HRT

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