19:30 / 16.11.2022.

Author: Katja Miličić

Croatian officials reject comparison of missile strike in Poland and Zagreb drone crash

Defense Minister Mario Banožić

Defense Minister Mario Banožić

Foto: HRT / HTV

Croatian officials are rejecting any parallels being drawn between the mystery drone crash in Zagreb last March and Tuesday’s missile strike in Poland. 

The two situations are incomparable, says Defense Minister Mario Banožić.

"I would not compare these two incidents. We see how much has changed geopolitically since then. The situation is now much more serious. Back then, many people had no idea what was happening on the ground in Ukraine. Now, we hear statements from NATO officials and leaders of EU member states daily about all of the possible challenges we face,” Banožić told reporters on Wednesday.

There is still no definitive explanation for what happened eight months after the drone crashed near student dormitories, luckily causing no injuries. Interior Minister Davor Božinović says investigators are still working on the case.

"The State's Attorney’s Office is conducting the investigation. I definitely cannot speak publicly about any new facts in the case, if there are any. When the investigators conclude it is time, they will go public with their findings," Božinović said.

The incident occurred two weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine. In April a panel of experts said the drone carried an aerial bomb that exploded after hitting the ground.

A missile strike in Poland near the border with Ukraine on Tuesday has been described as an unintentional attack by Poland's President Andrzej Duda.

"There is nothing to indicate that this was an international attack on Poland," Duda said on Thursday.

The missile killed two people in a rural area.

Polish and NATO officials said it was likely fired by Ukraine and landed in Polish territory by mistake.

The news that the missile strike was likely an unfortunate accident has eased global concern that the war could spill over the border into a NATO member state, leading to a massive escalation of the conflict.

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