17:57 / 10.05.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Croatia condemns Orban's statement; ambassador invited for talks

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Foto: Bernadett Szabo / REUTERS

“Croatia condemns Hungarian Prime Minister Orban's statement,” said the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs today after Viktor Orban said last week that his country would not have a problem with the embargo on Russian oil imports if "it had not been deprived of the sea", apparently referring to the Croatian coast of which parts were once part of Hungary.

"Croatia condemns the statement of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. We also condemn any territorial claims against other sovereign states. Furthermore, the Hungarian ambassador to Croatia was invited to the ministry for a talk, and our ambassador to Hungary has requested a meeting with the relevant ministry, expecting an explanation of such statements that unnecessarily damage our good neighborly relations," said a statement by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

In 2020, Orban provoked negative reactions in Croatia after he posted a map of the so-called Greater Hungary on his Facebook profile.

A map of Greater Hungary

A map of Greater Hungary

Foto: Agenda / HRT

Ahead a governing coalition meeting, Orban's statement was commented on by HSLS President Dario Hrebak. He asserted that gas supplies would be a hot topic in the autumn, and that "Orban's nervous reaction to Croatia was very incorrect - a revisionist statement that did not go in favor of good relations".

The background to Orban's statement is opposition to the European embargo on Russian oil imports, which is why European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen visited Hungary yesterday. As one European diplomat explained to France Presse, Hungary would need a new pipeline to secure its oil supply, connecting it to Croatia, which has access to the sea. Therefore, it seeks guarantees that Zagreb will engage in the construction of this infrastructure, as well as guarantees of European funding.

“Those who have the sea and ports, have the opportunity to bring in oil tankers. If the sea had not been taken away from us, we would also have ports,” said Viktor Orban last week, as reported by Politico.

Source: HRT

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