16:50 / 05.06.2023.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Croatia and the Czech Republic continue police cooperation in the season

Davor Božinović and Vit Rakušan in Opatija

Davor Božinović and Vit Rakušan in Opatija

Foto: Goran Kovacic / PIXSELL

Croatian and Czech police will continue their cooperation this tourist season, when more than one million Czech tourists are expected in Croatia, said the two interior ministers, Davor Božinović and Vit Rakušan in Opatija.

Davor Božinović said that the project in which police officers from other countries are deployed to areas where the most tourists from their countries stay has proven to be successful and will continue to be improved. “Every year, more and more countries participate in it,” he added.

Rakušan stated that it is an important project for both sides. “Although they feel safe in Croatia, it is good that they can contact the Czech police if they need it,” he said.

“This is just one of the proofs of the cooperation of our countries, not only at the political level but also at the police level,” said Vit Rakušan and added that the cooperation of firefighters was also discussed today.

On behalf of President Zoran Milanović, Božinović awarded the Czech minister with the Order of Duke Trpimir with Neck Badge and Morning Star for his exceptional contribution and advocacy for Croatia's entry into the Schengen area.

Namely, the Rakušan chaired the session of the EU Council at which the historic decision was made on Croatia's entry into the Schengen area.

“When decisive moments come in the negotiations, when things break down, when decisions have to be made, then you see who is made of what material,” said Božinović and emphasized that Croatia was lucky that the Union was chaired by the Czech Republic and its minister Rakušan, who skillfully led the session and showed an understanding of the importance of Schengen for Croatia, but also for the entire EU.

“It is a mutual success, not only for Croatian citizens, but for all citizens of the European Union, because we can all use the benefits of the Schengen area,” said Rakušan, thanking him for the award.

Source: HRT

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