16:56 / 31.03.2023.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Bosnian Muslim politicians receive death threats over coalition with Croats and Serbs

Bosnian Foreign Affairs Minister Elmedin Konaković

Bosnian Foreign Affairs Minister Elmedin Konaković

Foto: Armin Durgut / PIXSELL

The Foreign Affairs Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the president of the SDP Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina have requested police protection after receiving death threats. The two men are the leaders of a bloc of Bosnian Muslim parties which, following the general election in October of last year, signed a coalition agreement with the strongest Bosnian Croat and Bosnian Serb parties, the HDZ BiH and the SNSD.

Bosnian Foreign Affairs Minister Elmedin Konaković and the president of the SDP Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nermin Nikšić, have been exposed to constant attacks and accusations from the strongest Bosnian Muslim party, the SDA, who accuse them of treason. Following years in power in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the SDA - led by Bakir Izetbegović, was pushed into the opposition by the newly formed coalition. Minister Konaković has said that the new coalition has started cleaning up the mess left behind by the former SDA government, and that this is the primary reason for the attacks on him and Nikšić.

Meanwhile, the vice-president of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Refik Lendo of the SDA, has refused to co-sign a decision on the appointment of the new government of that entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lendo insists that the SDA is the strongest Bosnian Muslim party in the parliament of the federation and therefore has the right to be in power. Due to his blockade there is a possibility that High Representative Christian Schmidt will have to intervene.

Source: HRT

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