18:10 / 24.03.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

20 ton shipment of humanitarian aid from Croatian Caritas arrives in Ukraine



Foto: Cineberg / SHUTTERSTOCK

A Croatian Caritas shipment with over 20 tons of 32 pallets of humanitarian aid has arrived at its destination in Ukraine, in the center of the Kiev-Zhytomyr diocese, announced the Croatian Bishops' Conference.

The shipment is worth 350,000 kuna and contains 29 pallets of food products and three with hygienic and sanitary materials, weighing a total of more than 20 tons.

"The humanitarian shipment was sent to the national Ukrainian Caritas-Spes; transport through Ukraine was coordinated by their office in Mukachevo and was received at the destination by Don Zvonimir Šesnić, a Croatian priest serving in the Kiev-Zhytomyr diocese. In a video message where he sang a popular Croatian evergreen, Don Šesnić said: A big thanks to Croatians,” noted the statement from the Croatian Bishops’ Conference.

They called on everyone to continue to help Ukraine.

Caritas points out that they have collected over 3,500,000 kuna in aid so far.

Source: HRT

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