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The residents of Osijek and the local war veterans’ population are to soon be able to listen to the first war veterans’ radio station dubbed The Unconquered City.

The editor in chief of the veterans’ radio Srećko Josić announced the launching of the veterans’ radio in about a fortnight when all should be ready for the radio station to start operating.

The Osijek-based veterans’ radio is hoping it will tackle issues important to veterans and war-disabled and their families.

The idea of the establishment of a veterans’ radio station was born following the setting up of a centre for veterans where they are able to deal with their problems of securing quality orthopaedic equipment and rehabilitation. They decided that a radio that will highlight their problems is just what they need as a way to give them a platform and to put out the word about the hardships they are facing.

Although all the construction works on the studios for the radio are close to being completed, the veterans are facing a shortage of equipment and funds to make the radio fully operational and are hoping for organisations and individuals to help them secure the radio station opens on time, as planned. SOURCE:HRT