State Secretary Milas with recipients of Croatian ciitizenship  (PHOTO Facebook) State Secretary Milas with recipients of Croatian ciitizenship (PHOTO Facebook)

The State Secretary of the Central Office for Croats Abroad, Zvonko Milas has received a group of women and men who have recently been awarded Croatian citizenship and who are mostly descendants of Croat expats from Canada and South America. Their love of the land of their ancestors has made these young, educated people come to Croatia to better acquaint themselves with the language and culture of their ancestors.

Speaking about the group who have become Croatian citizens, Milas said that it was genuinely beautiful when young people who had grown up thousands of miles away from the land of their ancestors and are the second, third and even fourth generation have such a love and such a will to get to know the land of their ancestors and to learn the language that their grandfathers and grandmothers and even great grandmothers once spoke.

He said that the best part was that once they arrived here and get to better know the country, they realised that this land not only invoked the feeling of belonging in them, but they also wanted to stay here and build their lives and make their dreams come true right here and that is why they had sought citizenship. Milas added that this was something they were extremely proud of and they see Croatia as a beautiful, secure country, where they wish to remain in to live and work and make all their dreams come true and reach their full potential.

The young women and men are the recipients of the Central Office for Croats Abroad stipend for the learning of the Croatian language programme. These young people have earned their diplomas across the globe and have varying specialist knowledge, all of them descendants of Croatian expats, but also some others.

The four young people in question come from Canada, Argentina and Brazil are all highly educated individuals. One of them is from Toronto and he lives between Toronto and Zagreb and has launched the Summer in Croatia project, which has been awarded a prestigious prize by the Travel and Leisure Magazine. He is one of the best promotors of Europe in the world and the only one for Croatia. Also, they are young economist and journalists. They wish to work in the tourism sector, start their own businesses, they wish to engage in cultural events and bottom line: they all want to live in Croatia and see their future right here. SOURCE: HRT