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  • TraditionsDec. 30, 2018

    Christmas Traditions in Istria

    The season of Catholic Christmas customs in Istria begins on the Feast of Saint Lucia and ends on the Feast of the Three Kings, on January sixth.

  • PeopleDec. 22, 2018

    Christmas Eve in Međimurje

    When it comes to Christmas traditions, every nation has their own unique customs that have been passed down through the generations since ancient times. One of the most beautiful and important of these traditions is the act of gift-giving.

  • LandscapesDec. 8, 2018

    The Cultural and Natural Heritage of Nin

    Everyone in Croatia knows about the town of Nin mostly as a tourist place not far from Zadar, but also because of its great importance in Croatian history.

  • PeopleNov. 23, 2018

    G2.4 International Conference, “A Look to the Future”

    The G2.4 international conference is the fourth edition of an economic meeting-of-the-minds of Croatians from around the world held in Zagreb every year in the middle of November.

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