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  • TraditionsJuly 20, 2019

    The Rhythm of the Mediterranean

    Despite the heat for many summer in Zagreb has become a favorite time of the year. Numerous festivals, gastronomic and cultural events with their contents attract more and more tourists to the Croatian metropolis every summer. This year, for the first time, from July 10th to 14th, the breeze from the Mediterranean came to Zagreb.

  • LandscapesJuly 13, 2019

    Eugen Buktenica naive art festival

    At the end of June, the island of Šolta hosted a special manifestation in honour of their most famous son, Croatian naive artist Eugen Buktenica, in a festival known as the Days of Eugen Buktenica.

  • PeopleJuly 6, 2019

    Croatian greats: Marko Marulić and Marin Getaldić

    Croatian historical figures Mark Marulić and Marin Getaldić greatly influenced the Croatian Renaissance and enriched the national heritage. We spoke to two academics about the legacy of these two Croatian greats.

  • LandscapesJune 30, 2019

    Petar Preradović’s childhood home renovated in Grabrovnica

    It would be a real shame to visit Podravinia and miss stopping by the house where Croatia poet Petar Preradović was born in the village of Grabrovnica. Until recently, it was dilapidated and attracted few visitors, but that has all changed. The district of Pitomača has renovated the building and turned it into a poetry center.

  • LandscapesJune 22, 2019

    3-on-3 Challenger street-ball tournament in Lipik

    A small Croatian town in western Slavonia is not the first place most people normally associate with world-class sporting events, but they should think again.

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