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  • LandscapesMay 19, 2019

    The "Svi zaJEDNO HRVATSKO NAJ" festival in Vukovar

    There are more and more occasions for gathering in our Heroic city Vukovar, a symbol of unity and gathering of homeland and emigrated Croats. One of them happened at the beginning of May with the "Svi zaJEDNO HRVATSKO NAJ" festival.

  • LandscapesMay 10, 2019

    The Olive groves of Gabela

    Agriculture has always been the main focus of the economy throughout the municipality of Gabela in Herzegovina. Recently, an intensive effort has been underway to plant and develop extensive olive groves.

  • TraditionsApril 27, 2019

    Preserving traditional farm houses in Babina Greda

    The first written mention of Babina Greda dates from 1506, while the continuous development of human settlement in this area can be traced back to the period of the Romans through the Middle Ages and up to the present.

  • TraditionsApril 19, 2019

    Easter Eggs from the Heart

    In this week’s magazine, we take a look at a special Easter tradition that is growing in popularity and which is helping to spread Croatia’s naive art around the world. Ivona Jakić and Antonija Tomičić, from the Voice of Croatia, traveled to the island of Šolta to observe first hand a unique artistic exchange between the country’s two centres of naive art.

  • PeopleApril 7, 2019

    The search for lost people from Podgora

    At the Croatian Heritage Foundation a book was recently presented titled "They beat the oceans: In search of lost people from Podgora" by journalist Smiljana Šunde. The work is devoted to the author's birthplace of Podgora, whose population was marked by early departures to countries across the ocean.

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