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  • TraditionsNov. 30, 2019

    2019 Advent in Zagreb

    This is the time of year when preparations for the Christmas holidays are well underway; it’s this time of joy and giving we call Advent. During this time of year, Zagreb is full of life, and even the winter season cannot chill one’s heart when the city is aglow with events and happenings on its many squares and cobblestone streets.

  • TraditionsNov. 17, 2019

    Apple Days in Desinić

    "An apple a day drives keeps the doctor away." This folk wisdom has taken hold in Croatia and it is not surprising that the apple has a special place in folk customs in Croatia.

  • LandscapesNov. 9, 2019

    Kolan - the Island of Pag

    In ancient Roman times, the island of Pag - located just off of Karlobag along Croatia’s northern Adriatic coast - was so rich in greenery that the Romans referred to it as the Golden Island, thanks to its natural riches.

  • TraditionsNov. 2, 2019

    Grugurevo: The noisy tradition of Požega wine country

    Last month the United Nations marked International Intangible Heritage Day. This week we turn our attention to a tradition that is on Croatia's own list of intangible cultural heritage, Grgurevo, a tradition nurtured by the grape-growers and wine-makers of the Požega region.

  • LandscapesOct. 28, 2019

    Over the Mosor to the stars

    Many astronomy enthusiasts around the world are well-aware of large observatories such as those on the Hawaiian Islands, the Canaries, or the high Andes in Chile. They serve professional astronomers to observe and detect phenomena at the very edge of the known universe.

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