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  • PeopleJuly 11, 2020

    Kuća naše pisme in Auckland

    It is a long way from the Land of the Long White Cloud to Croatia. Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand, and the free translation of the term is the one we mentioned. It has been five years since the last Croatian tour of the Folklore ensemble Kralj Tomislav from Auckland. Their performances in several Croatian cities had impressed the large crowds and we hoped that this year's tour, planned for the first half of July, will bring it to another level... but ''Corona'' had different plans.

  • PeopleApril 6, 2020

    “Continuing Together" with Goran Karan

    Over the past few days Croatian musicians have often been expressing their support for our people through song so that we may overcome this entire situation in which we have found ourselves due to the coronavirus. Among the first was a well-known musician from Split, Goran Karan. He sent his message titled “Zajedno dalje,” or “Continuing Together,” to the people in the Homeland and the world through his Facebook profile and other media.

  • TraditionsMarch 20, 2020

    Lubljia - The cake connecting Croats around the world

    Gastronomy, and especially autochthonous homemade cakes, has always been part of the historical heritage that connects Dalmatia, the Adriatic islands and Croatia’s diaspora communities around the world. In times of intense emigration from the homeland and pronounced poverty only the tastes and aromas of food from the old country, and the memories they invoke, could be transported to the new world.

  • PeopleMarch 7, 2020

    Reviving Croatian literature

    Literature in many ways describes just about everything that happens to people. Literary historian Vinko Brešić however, feels that Croatian literature belongs to the type of European literature whose opus is incomplete and continuity has been disturbed. For a very long time, there was no Croatian state, nor did it enjoy coincidental political and ethnic boundaries. For many centuries, we have been scarred by frequent and deep fractures in our society. Do we value Croatian literature that has originating from beyond our borders and do we include it in our national literary heritage?

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