11:43 / 12.06.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

ZSE Crobex rose for the third week in a row, IT stocks in focus



Foto: Igor Soban / PIXSELL

On the Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE) last week, the Crobex index strengthened for the third week in a row, but with modest turnover because investors are wary, while the focus was on shares of IT companies.

The Crobex index strengthened 0.4 percent last week, to 2,100 points, while the Crobex10 remained at 1,241 points, unchanged from the end of the previous week.

In recent weeks, the ZSE has been trading cautiously, as have world stock markets, as investors are reluctant to invest riskier while the world's central banks raise interest rates due to high inflation, which is does not work in the favor of stock markets.

Among the sector indices, the Crobex industry increased the most, by 5.07 percent, while Crobexkonstrukt fell the most, by 1.32 percent.

Regular share turnover amounted to a modest HRK 22.7 million, which is approximately HRK 10 million less than in the previous week.

In addition, a turnover of HRK 4.4 million was realized, with HRK 2.3 million in Čateks shares traded at a price of HRK 230 per share, and HRK 2.11 million in preferred Adris shares traded at a price of HRK 422 per share.

In regular trading, Spana shares were the most liquid, with a turnover of HRK 5.83 million. Its price jumped 9.35 percent, to HRK 269, so it was the biggest gainer among the most liquid.

In terms of turnover, another IT share follows - Ericsson Nikola Tesla, which generated slightly more than two million kuna in turnover. Its price stagnated at HRK 1,900.

HRK 1.73 million in Podravka shares were traded, and its price weakened by 0.99 percent, to HRK 600.

Slightly higher turnovers, above HRK 1.6 million, were also realized with shares in Atlantska plovidba and HT. Atlantska plovidba shares fell by 1.5 percent to HRK 522, and HT shares by 0.28 percent to HRK 176.5.

The biggest loser among the most liquid were preferred shares of Končar D&ST, with a price drop of 3.15 percent to HRK 2,460. The share has been traded since Tuesday, June 7, without the right to payment of a dividend of HRK 69.2.

62 different shares were traded on the ZSE last week, with 24 rising, 22 falling and 16 stagnant.

Source: HRT

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