21:28 / 02.07.2022.

Author: Katja Miličić

The peak of the summer travel season begins this weekend

Tourism booming after two pandemic years

Tourism booming after two pandemic years

Foto: Dnevnik / HRT

Croatia's tourism industry has very high expectations for July and August of this year. So far, the numbers indicate the country is on track to match or break the 2019 record.  

Around 642,000 guests are currently on holiday in Croatia. More than 570,000 of them are foreigners, primarily from Germany, Slovenia, Poland, and Czechia. The leading destinations in the country right now are Rovinj, Poreč, Vir, Dubrovnik, Umag, and Medulin.

In comparison to the record-breaking 2019 season, Croatia is already at 82% of arrivals and 93% overnights this year.

Croatian Railways has introduced a direct train from Osijek to Split for the first time since the 1990s. The first train was an important event for the national rail company but the 13 hour journey ended up taking an extra hour. Some passengers who were headed for the islands missed their ferries.

Roads leading to the coast were very congested on Saturday. Traffic was stop and go coming into major coastal cities and on the approach to the Krk Bridge.

There were significant lines at the borders on Saturday as well. Heavy traffic was seen coming from Slovenia at the Bregana, Macelj, Rupa, Kaštel, and Plovanija border crossings. The wait time at Macelj was around an hour. There were also long lines at the Goričan border crossing with Hungary and the Bajakovo crossing with Serbia.

Thousands of tourists were headed for Croatia's islands today. The ferry port in Split is expecting around 62 thousand travelers and more than 13 thousand vehicles to pass through this weekend. Ferries are running at full capacity and more ferries are being added to accommodate the large number of visitors.

Dubrovnik airport expected 63 planes, carrying around 15 thousand passengers to touch down on Saturday. Dubrovnik airport recorded around 312 thousand passengers in June, which was around 70% of passenger traffic in 2019.

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