18:59 / 30.03.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Ryanair coming to Zagreb

Ryanair to fly out of Zagreb (Photo: Paul Hanna/Reuters)

Ryanair to fly out of Zagreb (Photo: Paul Hanna/Reuters)

Foto: - / Reuters

After months of speculation, it has been confirmed that Ryanair is coming to Zagreb. As of September, they are introducing 12 international flights from the Franjo Tudjman Airport, but the first arrivals are expected in June.

Zagreb is becoming one of Ryanair's 81 bases in Europe. From June to September, their planes will arrive in Zagreb from Bergamo and Milan, but from September they will fly directly out of the new airport terminal.

“Zagreb will be a base; from September we are going to invest 200 million dollars. So we are going to base two aircraft, we will operate 12 new routes, and 36 weekly flights, and we will create 60 local Ryanair jobs in Zagreb,” said Ryanair Central and Eastern Europe Manager Olga Pawlonka.

Ryanair expects rapid growth.

“We started with 12 routes, I would imagine in a very short period of time, twelve to 24 months we'll have well in access of 30 to 40 routes and carry two to three million passengers, per annum,” said Commercial Director Jason McGuiness.

“Zagreb will become a weekend destination or stop for other parts of Croatia, which will be good for tourism and entrepreneurs,” said Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson.

“It'll also give small businesses in Croatia the ability to fly to major markets at substantially lower fairs, believe me it's going to transform Zagreb,” said Wilson.

"The arrival of a new carrier will contribute to recovery after the pandemic," said Zagreb International Airport CEO Huseyin Bahadir Bedir.

For now, Ryanair is not thinking about offering domestic flights, they are in the hands of domestic carriers, according to RyanAir, which flies within a network of 240 cities and transports about 200 million passengers a year.

Source: HRT

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