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Author: Branko Lozančić

Rimac opened factory doors in Jankomir

The Rimac production plant

The Rimac production plant

Foto: HTV / HRT

News presented by the Rimac Group in their production plant in Jankomir included: the starting price of the Rimac Nevera is two million euros and 50 of them have already been sold, the production hall of the campus in Kerestinec will be operational by the end of the year, and all 99 Bugatti Mistrals at a price of five million euros have been sold without even seeing them. 

Rimac Group communications manager Marta Longin said that the company she works for is at the top of the automotive industry.

“We show how far technology can go. It is not about the mass market, but about the premium segment,” said Longin.

The Rimac Group brings together two companies: Bugatti Rimac focused on the design, development and production of hypercars of the brands Bugatti and Rimac Automobili, and Rimac Technology, focused on the development and production of technology and components for automobile manufacturers' vehicles. It has more than two thousand employees and a consolidated annual income of 400 million euros. More than half of the employees are engineers.

Their shareholders are Porsche with 20.4 percent, Mate Rimac with 23.4 percent, Softbank with 13.6 percent, Neurone with 10.5 percent, Hyundai with eight percent, and other investors with 24.1 percent.

Since 2017, the group has raised around 820 million euros of private capital in three rounds of financing, from investors such as Porsche, Hyundai, KIA, Investindustrial, Softbank and Goldman Sachs.

It is a parts supplier for major industry brands and a manufacturer of hypercars. In May 2022, the company was valued at 2.2 billion euros. It has more than 12 clients in the automotive industry, and is currently working on more than 30 projects.

The Rimac Group has officially registered seven world records.

The production hall of the Rimac campus in Kerestinec should be ready by the end of the year. It has an area of 75 thousand square meters, slightly larger than the core of Dubrovnik. During the summer, they will relocate some parts of the production line, and by the end of the year, production on campus should also begin. After the production hall is finished, the other phases of the campus will be worked on.

Work on the campus began in 2021, and the production hall, the most important part of the campus, is 400 meters long and 200 meters wide. The Rimac campus, which is currently under construction, is worth more than 200 million euros, on 200,000 square meters, and will also be the home of Rimac Technology.

Rimac Group operates in eight locations: Warwick (Great Britain), Berlin, Molsheim (France), Sveta Nedelja, Osijek, Split and Zagreb. It makes sure that it buys everything it can in Croatia. It currently works with around 1,200 domestic suppliers.

They invested more than seven million euros in the renovation of the building on Zagreb's Jankomir, where their production plant is now.

All Bugattis sold out, as well as a third of the Neveras

The head of the Executive Director's Office, Marko Rubičić, told us that all Bugattis were sold out until 2024, and last year the 400th out of 500 Bugatti Chirons was delivered. Rubičić claims that the Chiron's successor will be a hybrid, but will have Rimac electrification. The engineering for the successor of the Chiron in Croatia is complete.

It is known that the first Neveras, Rimac's first serial car, started to be delivered to customers.

“That is our flagship,” they say in Rimac. This car was developed for the global market, it is homologated and it is a completely new hypercar.

So far, a third of the expected Nevera production, about 50 cars, has been sold. In order to maintain the exclusivity of the product, 150 of them will be made. The Nevera is sold by 29 dealers from all over the world, who are in charge of its promotion and sales. Most of the Neveraa are sold in Europe and the USA. The starting price is two million euros.

We can see what a "monster" it is from the data that the Nevera battery could supply 20 households with electricity. Everything on this car is of the highest quality, the most sophisticated possible technology is built into it, and the market recognized that, even with the car's enormous price.

“We want to be a company that makes the most exciting cars in the world,” said Longin.

This summer, the first product in a relatively new group was presented - the Bugatti Mistral, which was sold out before it was even shown to the public, all 99 of them. This shows the strength of the Bugatti brand, which is more than 100 years old, which has yet to be realized with the Rimac brand, according to the group.

Soon they expect to expand the Rimac Group's main business, the production of battery systems in large series. The Rimac Group's production capacity is up to 150 cars per year (Neveras and Bugattis, of which about 90 will be Bugattis).

“We want to do projects, mainly battery systems, of several tens of thousands of pieces per year, and for such we make serial lines. The biggest needs of the market are for battery systems,” said Marta Longin.

Source: HRT

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