18:38 / 08.02.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Premium fuel prices soar after government capped regular fuel prices on Monday

Gas station in Šibenik

Gas station in Šibenik

Foto: Hrvoje Jelavic / PIXSELL

Fuel prices in Croatia continue to reflect rising oil prices on international markets, as a barrel of crude oil has once again drawn dangerously close to the $100 mark. At a telephone session on Monday government decided to cap fuel prices for the second time this winter, with the hope of reigning in overall inflation in the economy.

After the Government capped the prices of regular gasoline, diesel and blue diesel yesterday in a bid to stop spiraling inflation, the price of premium fuels jumped today. A liter of premium gasoline and diesel are roughly 30 Lipa more expensive per liter, while Liquefied Natural Gas rose by 8 Lipa per liter. Economy and Sustainable Development Minister Tomislav Ćorić: "What I want to emphasize, is that if we didn't cap fuel prices, the price of some fuels would have risen by some 20 Lipa per liter. This ordinance, as you saw in its content, will last for thirty days. After that, we will, if needed, intervene once again."

Minister Ćorić also commented on government's plans with regard to the increase in the price of natural gas for households: "With this ordinance we have first and foremost sent a clear message to the Croatian public, our citizens, that we will take similar action for other energy products. And here I'm thinking of electricity and natural gas. I believe that the coming weeks will bring a stabilizing of prices on the oil and oil derivatives markets."

Meanwhile, the SDP today accused the government of failing to respond to the threat inflation presents to pensioners, and put forth a proposal of its own that Party president Peđa Grbin says will help those retirees with the lowest pensions: "This is a short-term measure that would amount to an inflation bonus. Similar to government's COVID-bonus for pensioners last year. We feel that for those with the smallest pensions, we have to consider introducing an inflation bonus."

Source: HRT

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