21:31 / 12.05.2021.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

PM comments on growth forecasts

(Photo: Nel Pavletic/PIXSELL)

(Photo: Nel Pavletic/PIXSELL)

Foto: - / Pixsell

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković on Wednesday said that the latest European Commission economic forecasts were good for Croatia, which is among the four countries expected to experience the highest growth.

In its Spring 2021 Economic Forecast on Wednesday, the European Commission mildly reduced its forecast for the Croatian economy for this year to 5 percent, but markedly increased the forecast for 2022 to 6.1 percent, when Croatia's GDP should surpass the pre-pandemic level and be among the fastest growing in the EU.

"I think that the spring forecast is really favourable for Croatia. We are among the four countries expected to have the highest growth rates and we are above the EU average, which is around 4.2-4.4 percent," said Plenković.

The prime minister also welcomed the optimistic growth forecast by the EU's executive branch for 2022, saying they were "in line with the assessment of our government and our national institutions."

"I think that we can be very satisfied and it is good that the EC, too, believes that Croatia, in addition to having retained jobs in the crisis, and now that the epidemic has started to wane and vaccination has picked up, is creating conditions for normal communication, economic activity and tourism growth," he added.

"If we continue in that direction, with the important injection of 6.3 billion euros from the Next Generation EU instrument, namely the National Recovery and Resilience Plan that is being finalised in consultation with the EC, those investments should strongly contribute to Croatia's economy and economic growth in the years ahead," he said.

Source: HRT

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