18:59 / 16.08.2022.

Author: Katja Miličić

Nadin winemakers facing crisis due to drought

Vineyards and olive groves

Vineyards and olive groves

Foto: (Foto: Ivana Perkovac/Glas Hrvatske) / -

The Zadar hinterland is trying to cope with a drought that is now in its second month. 

Local grape growers have already racked up significant losses because of the drought, especially in the 350 hectares of grape-producing fields near Nadin, the largest organic vineyards in Croatia.

"We can't call it a major catastrophe but still the high temperatures and drought are expected to halve this year's yield," says winemaker Josip Glavić, the head of the county winemakers association.

He says the region hasn't seen any significant rainfall since early June.

The situation is similar in the region's olive groves, but olive trees are more resistant to drought and some rain could still save the harvest.

The lack of rain, high temperatures, and strong north-easterly winds has turned of what was expected to be a record harvest into a crisis over the past month. Some winemakers are saying it's time to introduce some type of irrigation system. Such systems could be funded with EU money and locals are counting on help from the government in making that happen.

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