18:34 / 04.07.2022.

Author: Katja Miličić

Grain farmers say planned purchase price of wheat will drive them out of business

Farmers protest

Farmers protest

Foto: Vlatko Franjin / HRT Radio Osijek

Grain farmers from Slavonia and Baranja gathered in Đakovo on Monday for what they described not as a protest but a warning. 

They are alarmed by the purchase price of wheat - 2 to 2.2 kuna per kilogram – announced by buyers. Farmers say it will send them into debt and are particularly upset that purchase prices are considerably higher in neighboring countries.

"In Hungary it is around 2.70 to 2.80 kuna, in Slovenia it is 3.08. Croatian farmers are again stuck with the lowest purchase price in all of Europe," said Matija Brločić from the Croatian Chamber of Agriculture.

Yields this year are solid but they will not exceed 5 tons per hectare. Under the planned purchase prices, farmers will go under, says grain farmer Petar Pranjić.

"Five tons at this price will kill us. We can start returning our tractors to the dealership. We won't be able to pay off our loans. We won't be able to service our debts. Plus, diesel prices are expected to go up again,” says Pranjić.

Farmers also warn that consumers should be concerned because the price of a kilo of bread could soon surge to 30 kuna, if projections are correct, says Antun Golubović from the Chamber of Agriculture.

Farmers are urging the public to join them in protests they are planning in the near future.

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