12:28 / 25.07.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Government announces new prices - significantly cheaper fuel from midnight

Economy Minister Davor Filipović

Economy Minister Davor Filipović

Foto: HTV / HRT

Fuel prices will be dropping significantly from midnight. The decision was made at a telephone session of the Government. From midnight, Euro 95 will be cheaper by 99 lipa and will cost HRK 12.03, diesel by 54 lipa and will cost HRK 12.89, and blue diesel will be cheaper by 20 lipa and the new price will be HRK 9.25, reported Economy Minister Davor Filipović at the press conference. 

“These are challenging times, but everyone should be sure that the Government will do everything to protect the standard of citizens. Without the Government's measures, diesel would cost HRK 15.24, gasoline HRK 13.96, and blue diesel HRK 10.15 from tomorrow,” added Minister Davor Filipović, noting that the trade margin will still be HRK 65, and the excise tax reduction HRK 80, for gasoline and 40 lipa for diesel.

Okoli gas storage at 48 percent

He reported that a meeting of the Crisis Team for gas supply was also held. He said that the filling of the Okoli underground warehouse is going according to plan and will be 90 percent full. As of today, occupancy will be 48 percent, said Filipović.

“A 15 percent reduction in consumption without negative consequences for the economy”

“He announced that he hopes that tomorrow at the extraordinary Council of Ministers of Energy in Brussels, where the Ukrainian Minister of Energy will be present, a compromise and a regulation on reducing gas demand and consumption in the coming period will be reached. He said that Croatia can fit into the package that envisages a 15 percent reduction in consumption compared to the five-year average - without negative consequences for the economy.

Capping the prices of staple foods: All options are on the table

Answering a question on whether employers will protest because of the 'restrictions', he said that the Government is preparing a large aid package for both citizens and businessmen, which will be presented in the fall.

When asked if the Hungarian scenario of limiting the prices of basic foodstuffs is possible, he replied that all options are on the table.

“Whatever is in the interest of Croatian citizens, the Government will do,” said Filipović.

The price of crude oil fell further this morning. On the London market, a barrel stands at around 102 dollars, and on the American 94. And the value of shares on Asian stock exchanges fell this morning because investors are cautious ahead of the meeting of the American central bank and the GDP report. Namely, a decision on a further, significant increase in interest rates in the USA and data on a possible drop in the GDP of the world's largest economy, which would also mean its entry into recession, which is expected again. Investors fear that the energy crisis and the rise in interest rates in the European Union could push European economies into recession.

Source: HRT

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