17:38 / 20.07.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Five companies to seek damages for discrimination in anti-Covid measures

Hrvoje Bujas

Hrvoje Bujas

Foto: Studio 4 / HRT

Five companies from the most vulnerable sectors - occasional passenger transport, travel agencies, catering and seasonal craftsmen, with the support of the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association, have announced lawsuits due to what they called “discriminatory decisions” by the Civil Protection Headquarters and inadequate economic measures by the government. 

“The first five Croatian companies that registered, that were chosen for this and were successful and productive until yesterday, and have brought to ruin by your poor measures, have decided after a year and a half to file lawsuits. Those are suits for compensation, adequate compensation,” said the President of the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association Hrvoje Bujas.

“We can't immediately go with lawsuits, but we rather have to respect the law and request an attempt to peacefully resolve the situation. I would actually say, considering the arguments we have, that this is a good chance for the state to try in this period of three months to find an adequate solution. The Civil Protection Headquarters adopted 13 decisions. On the basis of what? On the basis of nothing. They violated the constitutional rights of these people,” said lawyer Mate Matić.

Source: HRT

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